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Roots and Wings Ranch advocates for children in crisis by leading them to establish a relationship with Jesus in a loving, stable environment so they may alter their life story.

Our Goals

We believe Roots and Wings Ranch is responsible for providing a safe, loving Christian environment which encourages positive growth in the children we serve.  We have set forth the following goals for children on and off the Ranch:

  • Provide an environment where children can observe and experience the love of Jesus and His healing in their lives.

  • Build homes with house or foster parents so that children can hear, see and learn about family and see the Christian way in practice.

  • Provide life skills, training, hobbies, and programs that allow children to build confidence in themselves and better equip themselves to succeed.

  • Partner with a local and/or private school to educate each child and help improve study skills.  

  • Establish a safe environment where children can mature and develop in all areas of their lives:  spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and socially.

  • Provide counseling services as needed.

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For a more detailed breakdown, visit our
Brochure & Funding Initiative 

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