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Our Vision

Children are removed from biological families for various reasons including loss of parents, neglect, physical abuse, substance abuse, crime, and many others.  Our judicial system supports the children by placing them first with kinship parents (other family members), then with foster parents, and ultimately in Child Care Institutions (CCI). 

Roots and Wings Ranch is a 501C3 nonprofit in Northeast Georgia that supports both kinship and foster families in the surrounding regions. 

Our vision is to strengthen our community by developing a network of homes whose primary purpose is to advocate for Children in need.  Roots and Wings Ranch will support up to 100 children, while Roots and Wings Outreach will support the surrounding community. 


On the Ranch, our house parents will raise children from ages 6-19. These children would be permanent placement or direct placement from kinship families. 

Roots and Wings Outreach will qualify & train foster parents following the same program used for house parents on the Ranch. 


This approach allows us to support children that can be reunited with their parents or have a chance for adoption by managing the foster homes they get assigned to.

Our programs are designed to support the children's growth:

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Spiritual                   Intellectual

Physical                   Emotional

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For a more detailed breakdown, visit our
Brochure & Funding Initiative 

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