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The Ranch

Redefining Foster Care

We partner with Kinship families that are unable to raise the children placed in their care.  In this model, Roots and Wings Ranch is the guardian, and kinship parents are the custodial parents.  We raise the children on the ranch with continuous involvement and visits from custodial parents.  We will also serve children that need permanent placement on Ranch, giving them the stability that has been missing in their lives.

What Makes Us Special

On the Ranch, we provide opportunities for large sibling groups to remain together. Siblings being placed with siblings can serve as a protective factor against the adverse experiences associated with placement in multiple foster care homes. It has been proven by preserving and promoting these sibling relationships, it results in better outcomes, including:

#1                                        #2

 Fewer emotional and                Increased mental

 behavioral difficulties                well-being

#3                                        #4

 Improved School                     Better adjustment to their 

 Performance                           New Home

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